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School-Based Health Centers

                                            School-based health clinics offer a naturalistic environment to provide health care services with unique opportunities for collaboration between educators, primary care clinicians, and behavioral healthcare specialists. These programs attest to the ability to use Telemental Health […]

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Temperament and Character

Which one of the following dimensions on the Temperament and Character Inventory (TCI) is most likely to increase with age?  A. Cooperativeness. B. Harm avoidance. C. Persistence. D. Reward dependence. E. Self-transcendence.  The correct response is A: Cooperativeness  Personality disorder is associated with younger age and this suggests maturation through greater flexibility with increasing age. […]

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Supervision, Consultation, & Collaboration

1. Non-employee professional mental health relationships come in three types: Supervisory, Consultative, and Collaborative.   2. In Supervisory relationships, the supervisors retains direct responsibility for the patient and gives the supervisee professional direction and active guidance. The Supervisor is usually paid by the institution providing the supervisee’s training and not by the trainee. The patient is and should be fully informed that the treating […]

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Mood Disorder & Intellectual Disability

An adolescent with mild intellectual disability continues to be significantly depressed despite actively participating in psychotherapy for several months. Which of the following would be the best clinical option?  A. Start treatment with an typical antipsychotic.B. Start treatment with an SSRIC. Change psychotherapeutic techniquesD. Implement intensive behavioral management  The correct response is option B: Start […]

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